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It's a massively multiplayer online incremental game?

A screenshot of gameplay, showing a ship in orbit around a planetThe citizens of Saxopholis need your help. Colonisation of space has begun, and interstellar shipping is big business. You've got to get in on this. Who else is going to transport those vital supplies of saxophones 🎷 to the other side of the galaxy?

A screenshot of gameplay, showing a schematic of planets1,000 planets. It's a race to the finish. But it's a wild west out there. Can you survive, thrive and deliver that saxophone before someone else does.
Trial the first 15% of the game (several hours of play) for FREE. After which you may decide to upgrade to the full game.


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Time taken: 3 days, 11 hours, 1 min, 35 secs

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  1. The Bosun's Toe arrived safely at Chartreuse
  2. The Blazing Brig arrived safely at Stmancies
  3. The Handsome Narwhal arrived safely at Cholograil
  4. The Fourth Boat arrived safely at Keepdale
  5. The Sole Joe arrived safely at Areigorn
  6. The Moaning Postman arrived safely at Xanadu
  7. The Royal Desire arrived safely at Grommit
  8. The Giant Monkey arrived safely at Goldot
  9. The Eastern Breath arrived safely at Fort Eversworth
  10. The Grave Cutlass arrived safely at Firehorse
  11. The Mute Vessel arrived safely at Uliratha
  12. The Screaming Shoe arrived safely at Fweerket-Quef
  13. The Fourth Postman arrived safely at Attol
  14. The Fifth IV arrived safely at Newbitt
  15. The Burning Leg arrived safely at Glados