Under the terms, this notices states that this game will be shutting down on 24th April 2021.
It's a massively multiplayer online incremental game?

A screenshot of gameplay, showing a ship in orbit around a planetThe citizens of Saxopholis need your help. Colonisation of space has begun, and interstellar shipping is big business. You've got to get in on this. Who else is going to transport those vital supplies of saxophones 🎷 to the other side of the galaxy?

A screenshot of gameplay, showing a schematic of planets1,000 planets. It's a race to the finish. But it's a wild west out there. Can you survive, thrive and deliver that saxophone before someone else does.
Trial the first 15% of the game (several hours of play) for FREE. After which you may decide to upgrade to the full game.


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  1. The Bosun's Starglider arrived safely at Pegmode
  2. The Tragic Ship arrived safely at Reiltas
  3. The Silky Thief arrived safely at Twine
  4. The Furious Starliner arrived safely at Satwo
  5. The Putrid Anne arrived safely at Vespa
  6. The Exotic Storm arrived safely at Attol
  7. The Minor Carpet arrived safely at Lationet
  8. The Pink Cat arrived safely at Ampere
  9. The Reverse Glider arrived safely at Behered
  10. The Mute Vessel arrived safely at Imblacconnal
  11. The Incorrigible Charles arrived safely at Bistup
  12. The Midnight Cutlass arrived safely at Rictivile
  13. The Exotic Eclipse arrived safely at Binationgs
  14. The Bohemian Toe arrived safely at Bettles
  15. The Iron Buoy arrived safely at Sellers